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In BlindExpress Canada, custom drapes aren’t the only window coverings we specialize in. Blindexpress also carries all types of shades, including solar, Roman and cellular shades, as well as shutters, blinds and even skylight, blackout and solarium shades. With drapery hardware, trim, tie-backs and more, we are truly a one-stop shop for all of your window treatment needs. When your windows need new life, come to us first to browse our selection of shades, drapes and blinds. Our professional decorators will be happy to consult with you free of charge to ensure you get the best window treatments no matter the size or shape of your windows. We guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with every window covering you get from BlindExpressOnline Canada.

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 Private Brand  Pench Pleat Drapery  Drapery & Curtain  Available in 22 attractive colors & patterns  
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 Private Brand  Grommet style  Drapery & Curtain  Available in 22 attractive colors & patterns  
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 Private Brand  Inverted Pleat Drapery  Drapery & Curtain  Available in 22 attractive colors & patterns  
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 Private Brand  Ripple Fold Drapery  Drapery & Curtain  Available in 39 attractive colors & patterns  
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Ripple Fold Drapery

Product Description:

Ripple-like folds flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other. The effect is gently tailored – suitable for either commercial or residential installations. Master carriers that butt together, and carriers that swivel,eliminate “flat” drapery areas. Ripple Fold drapery is designed to work well across large and small spans alike, so cover the entire wall if you need to. The genius is the nearly invisible track that perfectly merges with the wall or ceiling, and the snap tape that creates consistent, uniform ripples in the drapery fabric. With these two features working together, you'll get a meticulous yet elegant look.

Key Features: 
• Minimum track exposure
• Low maintenance
• Easy, economical fabrication
• Beautiful and modern
• Incredibly functional - easy to operate
• Glides effortlessly along a track (included)

Production time: Approximately 5-7 business days plus 1-5 days for shipping.

Available Options For This Product
1 3/8" and 1 1/4"
Single Wood Bracket
2" and 1 7/8"
Single Wood Bracket
1 3/8" and 1 1/4"
Double Wood Bracket
2" and 1 7/8"
Double Wood Bracket
Double Metal
1 3/8 inch and 1 1/4 inch Single Wood Bracket
2 inch and 1 7/8 inch Single Wood Bracket
1 3/8 inch and 1 1/4 inch Double Wood Bracket
2 inch and 1 7/8 inch Double Wood Bracket
Double Metal Bracket
Specifications & Installation Requirements
Product Specifications:

Minimum Width 24"
Minimum Height 18"
Maximum Width 84"
Maximum Height 120"
Option Specifications:

Bottom hem is 4"
Side hems are 1 1/2"
Polished nickel grommets - 2 1/2" diameter
Product Constraints:
How To Measure
Click here to view our detailed Measuring Instructions for our Toscana Pole Mounted Valance line. Note: This link opens in a new window.


Precise width and height measurements are critical. Please use a metal measuring tape for best accuracy when taking measurements. The headrail must be installed perfectly level and installed evenly to ensure smooth operation. For Inside Mount, it is recommended to check whether the mounting surface is level and consistent. If your soffit needs to be leveled, this should be done before measuring.

Inside Mount

Measure across the width of your window opening in three different places: top, middle and bottom. Measurements should be taken within the window jamb. Provide the smallest of the three measurements to Elite - be exact! Elite will make the necessary deductions to fit the window opening. Measure the length of the window opening from the underside of the soffit to the surface of the window sill in two places; use the smallest of these two measurements.

Outside Mount

Measure the exact width and length of the area to be covered. On the width, allow at least 1�" of an overlap on each side. An overlap of 3" on each side is recommended. Be sure to take into consideration any obstructions such as, moldings, locks, and window cranks.


In order to coordinate cassette sizes and ensure uniform fabric alignment, it is critical that you indicate on your order whether shades are to be installed:

- Side-by-side

- In the same room

- With center support option


A Minimum charge of $35.00 net cost plus shipping applies to all repairs, alterations and parts. 1" minimum required for cut down on width.

How To Install
View or print our Roller Shades installation instructions.

Warranty Information
Care and Cleaning: If the drapery is dusty, simply vacuum over it using an upholstery attachment. For stubborn stains or overall deep cleaning, professional on-site service is recommended. Our Guarantee: Once you are satisfied with your new Roller Shade and the way it is installed in your home, Blinds Express guarantees your shade will be free from defects due to faulty workmanship or materials for as long as the original purchaser owns the product, provided that the product was installed properly and in accordance with the installation instructions. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser only, in the original windows for which it was intended in residential properties only.

Our Obligation To You: For claims covered by the guarantee, Blinds Express will replace or repair any product, with like or similar parts, which are found to be defective as a result of faulty workmanship or materials and excludes shipping costs, trip charges and labor costs for measuring and installtion.

Guarantee Limits: This guarantee does not apply to any Roller Shade or parts thereof which fail due to accident, alteration, improper use, abuse, neglect, normal wear, nor color fading dut to sunlight, direct exposure to salt air, failurre to follow instructions, installing or operating the product. Any defect, malfunction or other failure of the product to conform to this limited guarantee will be remedied by Blinds Express solely in the manner provided in this guarantee.


Note: Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitation or exclusion regarding such damages may not apply to you. Also, this Limited Guarantee gives specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. The limited warranty covers remote motorization for a period of 5 years.

Shipping Fees
UPS or FedEx Ground Shipping:
This applies to all orders under 96 inches in width or length shipping to an address in the contiguous 48 states of the U.S. If it travels by UPS or FedEx then shipping is FREE! Please call us for shipping quotes outside the covered area. Excluding all Plantation Shutters, which incurrs a 0.00 flat shipping fee per manufacturer.

Oversize Products Shipping Fee:
If your package is 96 inches or over in width or length it will be shipped by common carrier (semi truck) from the nearest manufacturing facility to you. There will be a .00 oversize shipping charge for any order with products that are 96 inches or more in width or length. This charge is per manufacturer. Meaning if you order two oversized products and they are from two different manufacturers (two different brands) then there will be TWO charges for a total of 0 shipping. But, if you have more than one product over 96 inches at it is from same manufacturer you will only pay one oversize fee. The fee is per order, not per blind. Excluding all Plantation Shutters, which incurs a 0.00 flat shipping fee per manufacturer.

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product descriptionProduct image

The unique construction of these shades ensure excellent insulation, sound absorption and durability while still being soft to the touch. Available in many of pleat sizes and a rainbow of colors. Our


Sheerweave means no more fading! Thats right. Your drapes and carpets will no longer wear the mark of the sun. And, when you want to bring the outside in without losing your privacy, these Sun Contro


he unique construction of these shades ensure excellent insulation, sound absorption and durability while still being soft to the touch. Available in many of pleat sizes and a rainbow of colors. Our



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